Our Profiles

We provide direction for people.


To remove the disconnect between people with problems and those that can solve them.


We are designers, we originate. 
We are engineers, we adapt. 
We are developers, we integrate.


To establish simplicity and clarity in representation, organisational development, and cultural orientation to the inevitable evolution of individuals and communities.


Danny and Troy met in Paro Bhutan on 6 November 2015

Dr. Danny Teal, BS, MFA, PhD and CEO, has more than 30 years of proven leadership in all phases of international strategic business development. His accomplishments include start-ups to spin-offs, outstanding achievements in sales, global research, communications, business and marketing intelligence, and analysis. Danny works with Royal families and ultra-high net worth (UHNWI) individuals in developing values-oriented solutions.

Troy Sadkowsky, BSc, BInfoTech, MBA, and CTO, is one of the world’s leading data science specialists. Troy is a pioneering data scientist that serves leading businesses, international governments, and research institutions globally. With more than 20 years’ experience in data integration solutions, Troy directs multiple mainstream data scientist consortiums. He is a specialist in establishing best practices for innovative concepts. Travelling the world as a digital nomad, Troy creates certain sensitivities toward data innovations that positively impact a sustainable future for the planet.


  • Financial Management – Sourcing; budgeting; negotiation; scheduling; planning; appropriation and scaling;
  • Production Management – New business acquisition; design and engineering; relationship management; targeting; engagement and promotions;
  • Marketing and Communications – Sales and marketing initiatives; branding identity; promotions (advertisement and publicity) and change management;
  • Insights and Strategies – Future search; intuitional design and business intel;
  • Forecasting and Feasibility – Mytharc; styling; trending and prototyping;
  • Interaction Design  User-interfacing; human factors and ergonomics;


  • Data Visualization – data-driven storytelling; interactive designs; analysis and technical presentations;
  • Software Development – proficient in design, development and deployment using numerous programming languages; proficient in Java, C/C++, .Net, Python, JavaScript and TypeScript, etc.;
  • Deployment of Digital Business Strategies – layered solution design; technological life-cycles adoption; adaptation and evolution of technological usability;
  • Data Science – creative inquiry analysis; enabling others to work with data; and facilitating data innovations;
  • Human Computer Interaction – gamification; information flow design; user-interface facilitation and development;
  • IoT Integration – systems engineering; security and privacy; networking; sensor and hardware development.