Notable Achievements

Dr Danny Teal, Producer/Director

Global Creative Production Management

Director of Business and Marketing Intelligence – PEGA: Design and Engineering spin-off from Pegatron, Taiwan;

Creative Director – Spatializer®: Two Speaker/Three-Dimensional Sound, Hollywood;

Sales and Marketing Manager – Plasma Gasification Melting Technology and Syngas (Research Institute of Technical Physics and Automation (NIITFA and RosAtom State Atomic Energy) Moscow, Russia;

Creative Advisor to the Executive Director – Brand identity for MTV and Fred/Alan, NYC;

Financial Mandate – Queen Mother Charitable Trust of Bhutan and Gross National Happiness; Gyelpoi Zimpon, HM Secretariats;

Introducer – SEED Group, Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Al Maktoum, Dubai (International Trade and Development);

International Sales and Marketing Manager – NK Associates, Milano and Riyadh;

Strategic Developer – Lone Star International, strategic development to generate global revenue and growth, USA;

Promotions and Marketing Manager –Amir, Biopreparation of foamed vitreous phosphates for oil product pollution, Saint Petersburg, Russia;

Economics and Cultural Revitalisation, Fundraiser/Developer – Saint Petersburg 2003: 300th Anniversary Celebration of the City’s Founding;

International Educational Ambassador and Professor –SPSU Philosophy, Public Relations, Philology, Entrepreneurship, Russia.

Troy Sadkowsky, Data Scientist

Global Creative Production Management

Bhutan Data Scientists Pvt Ltd – Established data science services for Gross National Happiness (GNH), Centre for Bhutan Studies in good governance, cultural preservation, socio-economic development and environmental conservation;
  • Royal Monetary Authority designed and feasibility study for a data warehouse and analytics system for macroeconomics and research;
  • Designed farmers’ market blockchain solution for Bhutan Association for Women Entrepreneurs;
  • Mapped GNH progress, for the effective and efficient management of digital data assets related to happiness at work;
  • For Royal Thimphu College integrated data from HR, bursary, and faculty departments into an analytics dashboard.

National Cancer Institute – Integrated occupational exposure assessment systems into a cancer research studies that analysed differences between Asian/US lymphatic cancers, USA;

European Union Work Exposure Study – Integrated job exposure surveys in the EU as a pilot study on cancer/work-related factors, Spain; 

e-Government Authority Bahrain – Presented Data Science applications at the 2014 Bahrain International e-Government Forum.  Proposed establishment of Ministry of Data Science to the Director of Strategy of Bahrain e-Government Authority; 

Cambridge Science Park UK Developed scientific software that could predict absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion properties of newly proposed pharmacopeia;

Queensland Institute of Medical Research – Integrated biospecimen, health reports, demographics, occupations, diets and other medical repositories to determine causes and preventative measures in public health;

Space Plants  Integrated data from environment with plant care knowledge repositories to achieve maximum growth with minimal effort, Australia;

Zhen Phen – Built centralised databased, web management tool for automated solar heating system, Bhutan; 

Nirvana Inde – Established web management tools and integrated data solutions including wine, food service and operating hours in an Indian / Bhutanese restaurant in Paris.